Excellence and Quality of Building Companies

Taste and tradition of quality craftsmanship Made in Italy

Lanzaro Group

Wood construction company

+39 011 422 6760

The reliability of a large group, the style of a small shop. The secret of growth is in the strength of the roots. Anyone who works wood like us knows this more than anyone else.

Eco Innovest Srl

Renewable energies and thermotechnical products

+39 011 9591650

Specialized in the sale and research of cutting-edge products in the field of renewable energy by combining a plurality of renewable sources to meet the needs of comfort, technology and respect for the environment.

Elite Ecobuilding Srl

Green building and construction

+39 011 9982987

Construction company that creates comfortable and safe buildings without neglecting the aesthetic aspect. Young and constantly growing company attentive to energy efficiency and environmental protection.

Sollegno Engineering Srl

Renewable energies, turnkey plants

+39 011 0240055

Sollegno is attentive to the sustainability of construction, applies eco technologies for the construction of buildings and plants for the production of renewable energy.

SoloMio S.r.l.

Intelligent Building

+39 3458378250

We allow people to have the freedom of total control over their home wherever they are, freeing them from obsolete technological obstacles. Safety, Comfort, Energy optimization.

Blue & Green Srl

Spa & Wellness

+39 011 549140

The company designs and builds areas and wellness centers offering a complete range of products. Furthermore, in the showroom it is possible to touch all the products on offer.

Mautino Legnami

Wholesale, cutting center and woodworking

+39 0124 27 036

Mautino and wood: a passion that runs from father to son for three generations. Thanks to a large plant for cutting, processing and storage of all types of wood, Mautino is able to offer its customers many services

Progetto Alluminio

Window and door manufacturer

+39 0121 379955

Company specialized in the production and installation of doors and windows, doors of all kinds. The production is followed from the first moment, that is from the relief of the measures to the installation of the frame with particular attention to details and finishes

Meyer S.r.l.

Construction company

+39 019 482473

Specialized in the plasterboard construction sector, thermal and acoustic insulation, external insulation systems and ventilated facades, internal and external painting and passive protection. Our company boasts more than thirty years of experience in the construction world and the use of plasterboard and dry construction solutions is our pride.

Luna srl

Edilizia - costruzioni e ristrutturazioni

+39 328 8851974

Società specializzata in costruzione e ristrutturazione di appartamenti ed edifici. Il personale qualificato garantisce puntualità, qualità e immediatezza. Presenti in tutta Italia con sedi all'estero ma il punto di forza sta diventando la Toscana dove ci sono in essere diverse commesse sia per privati che per enti. Pacchetti "chiavi in mano" per ristrutturazione di appartamenti.

Impreges Srl

General construction company

+39 328 2247733

Impreges Srl is a company that deals with building construction and renovation, roofing, insulation, decoration and plant construction. The company is certified for the execution of public works.

Andrea Rotta


+39 3398869261

Andrea Rotta is the author of the books "SMARTHOME" and "ARIA PULITA". For more than 20 years he has been designing energy saving in homes and is specialized in SMARTHOME, the INTELLIGENT HOUSES or low-energy houses where the air inside is healthier, cleaner and healthier and gas bills are zero.

Riccardino W.F.

Demolitions, constructions and renovations in general

+39 3939480707

The company deals with demolitions, civil and industrial renovations (from excavation to turnkey)

Ponteggi Minnella Domenico Srl

Scaffolding rental and assembly

+39 0119904976

Rental and assembly of scaffolding, construction site hoists and roofing.

Creative Profili Srl

Metal roofing production and sale

+39 011 9016032

Creative Profili Srl is a Turin-based company that deals with the production and sale of metal roofing, gutters, life lines and sheet metal work.

Catalano Costruzioni S.a.s.

Realizzazione di pavimentazioni industriali sia in calcestruzzo che resina, scavi e demolizioni

+39 011 9049389

Construction of industrial floors both in concrete and resin, excavations and demolitions.

... work in progress ...

Master Builders – Maestri Costruttori also makes use of the professionalism and manpower of small specialized artisans who, a quality recognized and appreciated all over the world.



qualified in different sectors

Within the groupe, it is possible to use artisans specialized in different sectors who carry out their work with care and passion. Often it happens to customize in detail parts of a large project and this meticulous work is done very well by those who for years, take care of the small customer.

But not only that, in the world of construction, it often happens that we have to face excessive workloads and we, as Master Builders, have competent craftsmen in store who lend their skilled labour, thus always being able to guarantee a high standard of quality.



at the service of the network

Architects, surveyors, engineers, 3D modelers and other qualified professionals, the companies belonging to the Maestri Costruttori network are constantly collaborating.

Qualified and trusted professionals are necessary to be able to guarantee the success of a job, on time and in the established ways.